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Yunita is one of the sought after relationship coaches in Indonesia. Through her own transformational journey, she has a deep calling to be of service to people who are ready and willing to change. She has a mission to inspire women to break free from series of painful love and through self transformation to love wholeheartedly and live mindfully.

She has helped women including men to improve their lives in general and in their love relationship in particular. She teaches women how to captivate the very best men effortlessly and living a life filled with inner joy and unshakable confidence.

She attended and certified as a Hypnotherapist to provide infinite possibilities to human growth and bringing insights into the evolution of human consciousness.

Yunita Eddyanto

Life & Relationship Coach

Start To Transform Your Life
and Attract The Man of Your Dreams

Have you ever dreamed about the perfect man? The one who understands and accepts you for who you are. The man who will cherish you, be there for you and support your every goal?

But why is it that every time you pour everything into your relationship, he seems to be distant and slipping away – little by little? Well, that’s because men and women have different understandings of what relationship is. 

In our coaching program, you will find out what commitment means to men, how he will be falling in love with you and committed to you emotionally.

Unlike women, for most men, it doesn't mean they are fully committed yet even in "relationship" label. We often get ahead of ourselves and assume that he’s on the same page right from the beginning, which isn’t actually the wisest thing to do. Men need more time to adjust and recognize their feelings as your relationship matures. That is the answer to why many "short-lived" relationships happen.

"Instead of expecting too much too soon, watch his actions."


What is coaching and why do I need one?

Do you really know what you want in life and relationship? Some people still uncertain what they are looking for. Some people don’t even know themselves well to tackle their personal issues and it proceeds to affect their relationship and other aspects in their life.

Coaching is an intensive and private one-on-one sessions that will see you through your self improvement. Coaching offers you the opportunity to live the life and relationship you truly desire. A coach will not judge you for your mistakes, a coach will help you to achieve your best potential and work it together with you. Because at some point in our life, we must admit that we all need guidance.


How can coaching help me?

In a personal life
One of our flaw of being human is that we sometimes fail to see ourselves from the outside perspective and perceiving without judgement. This is where a coach come and save the day, and peels every layers of yourself for you to explore and embrace. Coaching helps you reveal your true self and be who you always meant to be: the best version of you, and to reach your fullest potential as a woman. I’m here to guide you to make a life-long decisions.

In relationship
Feel like you are stuck in the same cycle? Overwhelmed by the same resurfacing issues and unable to make decision to solve it? past traumas that you can’t get over it? Coaching provides you insights for what it takes to have a deep lasting love and attract the right partner in your life, understand who you are in relationship and decide what you truly need to improve your love life. By coaching, discover what is the core issues of your relationship, how do you play a role in your previous or recent relationship, and find out how to break down the wall from securing a healthy relationship. I believe a relationship is only as healthy as the individuals in it; when you want to change the nature of your relationship, do it by improving yourself first.

What is Personal Power?

Standing in your personal power is removing the ability of someone to shake you at your core and that’s a super power to recognize.

By recognizing and tapping into your personal power is an underrated super power that many of us have probably underestimated. But when you know what your values are and stand true to them, you are stripping societal pressure from its ability to lure you away from who you truly are.

To do this, you need to know what you value in life and learn to control your emotions. Recognize your values – what is important to you and how do you want other people to know you? When you know who you are, it will be easier to stand your ground and not be swayed by others.

This requires not only courage to embrace your personal power, but the right mindset and a positive attitude to acknowledge your self-worth.

"For YEARS (it felt like forever), I struggled to build, maintain, and keep meaningful relationships, express my feelings, and connect with others. Because of deep pain, wound, trauma I received during childhood. I grew up becoming an emotionally unavailable woman and I couldn't seem to open my heart to the emotional intimacy that I desperately craved.

I have been coaching with Yunita since 2.5 years ago and still committed to my personal growth until now and therefore I can tell you my life and relationships (all kind of relationships) TRANSFORMED forever. It's all started with fixing my relationship with myself and deep knowing about who I really am."


Gaby, Bandung


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