Awakening is Coming Home


Awakening is Coming Home

Self-growth is a journey that lasts a lifetime. I began to grasp this concept years ago when I experienced a significant shift in my consciousness, an awakening. This awakening is a profound realization of our true essence. It can be a challenging process, often making us feel hopeless before we can see the real truth. As Adyashanti said, awakening is a destructive process. It’s not about becoming better or happier, but about dismantling untruths and seeing through pretense. It’s the complete eradication of everything we thought to be true.

In simpler terms, awakening is a return to our essence. It can happen to anyone and is a rewarding process where you can see past illusions. We often miss it because we’re caught up in our daily lives, becoming ignorant to the truth and lost in the dream we’ve unconsciously created.

As a relationship coach, I’ve seen many clients stuck in patterns of unconscious behaviors that prevent them from being their most attractive selves and maintaining a functional relationship. Many came to me with stories of heartbreak and loss.

I was once that woman, anxious and overthinking. I realized that what we women need is inner peace and to feel desirable. This comes from an inner/feminine power. I created a program Perjalanan Ke Dalam Diri to help women find their inner peace. I taught them how I evolved to become more grounded, non-reactive, and laid back. After my breakup, I learned about men’s psychology, which led to the creation of the class 7 Fase Pria Jatuh Cinta. This class has helped many women understand men’s psychology, especially during the dating phase.

I’ve always been intrigued by mysticism, which led me to learn more about Buddhism and Sufism. They share similarities in how we perceive ourselves and life. It’s about soul purification, teaching that illusion is generated by our own veiling, and that we need to awaken from this illusion.

Even as an extrovert, I cherish my solitude. During a recent contemplation, I found an answer to a question that had been bothering me. I found my inner strength by going inside myself, which I teach to my clients. The power of letting go comes from this inner strength, where we overcome fear by surrendering to the process.

Being intellectually stimulated, I’ve always sought to understand how nature works from an esoteric perspective. I found Sufism teachings to be profound in this regard. It teaches not only about the mind but also about the soul. These teachings can’t be approached from an intellectual level. They can only be accessed from a non-dualistic, grounded mind. Only in the complete stillness of the mind can you penetrate this highest truth. This is where contemplation comes in.

Our “self,” both outer and inner, is a complex combination of elements. The outer self is ever-changing, while the inner self, often referred to as the “soul,” is a blend of perceptions, feelings, mental images, cultural influences, wounds, and conditioning. Many of our fears and anxieties stem from trying to fill every moment with something, fearing the implications of emptiness. But in embracing nothingness, we find tranquility.

Getting closer to nothingness requires the dissolution of boundaries, a paradox considering we’re often taught to establish them. Complete surrender also means no boundaries. Nothingness reflects our existence, prompting us to question our life’s value and significance in the universe’s vastness. If everything could emerge from nothing, then every moment, thought, and action carries an infinite weight of existence. It’s a reminder that our presence in the universe, however small or fleeting, defies the void. We are the universe experiencing itself, something that sprang from an unimaginable nothingness.

During a recent contemplation, I experienced a formless awareness that merged with my surroundings. It was a warm, light sensation free of resistance. I immersed myself in the experience, becoming one with it. I felt invincible, enveloped by an energy of profound awareness.

I was moved to tears, feeling both vulnerable and humbled by the experience. I felt a surge of love energy filling my chest, and fear was nowhere to be found. It was as if information was flowing through me, filling me with a sudden revelation, a clear understanding of what I needed to do.

Life is but a series of experiences, with no one behind it. Everything around me is a reflection of myself. Life is akin to a dream. The act of contemplation itself brings something into existence from nothing. For Sufis, self-knowledge means grasping a lived experience of one’s being.

There’s a saying, “He who knows himself, knows God.” This statement puzzled me for years until I finally understood it. Knowing oneself is knowing the truth, or God. I was astounded to realize that the truth spoken by enlightened individuals actually resides within us. This is why Rumi said, “You are what you seek.”

I created this program True Feminine Woman is to help you to understand yourself better, to find your inner strength and in tune with your feminine essence. For you to feel desirable by being who you are and be able to build a harmonious relationship with a man.

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