When you transform yourself, you transform your relationship

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When you transform yourself, you transform your relationship

Dating rules and techniques are often born out of fear and a sense of scarcity. They are designed to keep your partner in a state of constant uncertainty, forcing them to focus their attention on you rather than living their own life to the fullest. This is not the essence of true love; it’s a never-ending game of manipulation that you don’t want to be a part of.

Just like the universe, you are in a constant state of expansion. You are undoubtedly more intelligent, experienced, and centered than you were ten years ago. Basing your approach to love on rules that may have worked for you in the past is like following a road map to a destination that no longer exists. When you follow these rules, you stifle your natural charm and vitality. Rules lack creativity and leave no room for new possibilities or the birth of something wonderful from the unknown.

Often, these rules are someone else’s truth that you’ve adopted as your own. Many women unconsciously absorb rules from their religion, family, or the media. Some even turn to self-help materials that promote manipulation, finding it easier to follow a prescribed system rather than discovering their own truth.

It’s time to break free from these constraints and embrace your own journey of love and self-discovery. You are a unique individual, and your approach to love should reflect that. Instead of following a set of rules, listen to your heart and trust your instincts. They will guide you towards a relationship that is healthy, fulfilling, and true to who you are.

Remember, a relationship is a partnership between two individuals. It’s not about one person constantly trying to keep the other off balance. It’s about mutual respect, understanding, and love. When you let go of the rules and allow yourself to love freely, you open yourself up to a world of possibilities. You allow yourself to experience love in its purest form, free from manipulation and games.

It’s important to understand that a healthy relationship starts with a healthy self. If you’re constantly attracting problematic men, it’s time to look inward. What patterns are you repeating? What wounds are you carrying? By becoming more self-aware, you can begin to heal these wounds and break these patterns. This will not only improve your relationships but also your overall quality of life.

You can’t give what you don’t have. If you’re not taking care of yourself, how can you expect to take care of someone else? This is why self-care is so important. It’s not about being selfish; it’s about ensuring that you’re in the best possible state to love and be loved.

So, how do you start this journey of self-discovery and healing? One way is through meditation. Meditation is a powerful tool that can help you maintain awareness and focus. However, it’s not enough on its own. You also need knowledge to understand your inner world and build healthy relationships. This is where programs like the “True Feminine Woman” program can help. These program is designed to expand your mind and bring about significant changes in your brain.

Love is not about following a set of rules. It’s about being true to yourself and allowing yourself to love and be loved freely. It’s about understanding your own needs and meeting them before trying to meet the needs of others. It’s about breaking free from the constraints of societal norms and embracing your own unique journey of love and self-discovery. Remember, you are a unique individual, and your approach to love should reflect that. So, let go of the rules, listen to your heart, and trust your instincts. They will guide you towards a relationship that is healthy, fulfilling, and true to who you are.

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Herlina – Bali
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